Weekend break planning

See what's going on in your destination before you book

Plan that weekend break as the first step to enjoying a weekend away from home, work and maybe even the family


  • Select your proposed destination
  • Arrange any time you need off work
  • Find accommodation
  • Organise your travel
  • Pack necessary clothing and sports equipment

Several weekend breaks during the year may turn out to be more rewarding than one main holiday. If you have a particularly good time at a particular destination you can always return for a longer self-catering holiday next time.

One great thing about living in the UK or Ireland is that most of live within travelling distance of the coast, a national park or a city for a city break. Sometimes it takes a little effort to make that commitment to go but one you've done that you can start organising that holiday.

 Another method of choosing where to go is to take a look at local events around you and perhaps go to see a special event. For example, Lewes in Sussex has an annual nonfire parade or spectacular which is worth seeing at least once in your lifetime. The various groups of people in Lewes compete against each other in creating the best costumes and banners. They then march along the streets accompanied by bands and swing great balls of fire or hold fiery torches aloft. It is a colourful, dramatic and above all entertaining evening event. Because it is is such a big popular event on the 5th of November each year, it is necessary to book accommodation far in advance.

Another dramatic event is the burning of a Viking ship on New year's Eve in the Shetland Islands, northern Scotland.

Or perhaps you have always wanted to go and see the Military Tattoo in Edinburgh?

There are so many fabulous places around us and great events to witness, find out what's happening and arrange that weekend away.