Travelling in the UK and Ireland

Prepare everything ahead of time to ensure your weekend break goes to plan

For many people a weekend break is a chance for a quick getaway, sometimes last minute.

  • Travelling on a Friday? Arrive before 2.30 pm

One big problem in England is traffic congestion, especially if you plan to travel on a Friday. Fridays tend to be especially busy on the roads, so if you do have to travel on a Friday, and many people begin their weekend breaks on a Friday, try to get to your destination before 2.30 pm to avoid the worst of the traffic. Even if you are unable to gain access to your holiday cottage or log cabin, it is preferable to have a coffee in a local coffee shop rather than be stuck in a traffic jam and crawl to your destination.

  • Talk to your hosts at the accommodation you have booked

When travelling to an unfamilar destination it is sometimes wise to have a conversation with your hosts about possible bottlenecks and busy periods in their area. They may be able to suggest the best route for you.

  • Useful extras when driving

We cannot insure our lives against all unforseen circumstances, however, road recovery insurance or roadside assistance is worth every penny should you break down. 


  • Call if you are going to arrive later than expected

 This is especially important if you have booked a holiday cottage in a remote rural area. The cottage owner will have made arrangments for the handover of the key and if the owner lives several miles away and has agreed to meet you at the cottage to handover the key, do call them if you are detained or stuck in a traffic jam.