Self-catering weekend break holidays

Book self-catering accommodation to ensure peace and independance

What is self-catering accommodation?

Self-catering accommodation usually refers to holiday cottages, chalets, apartments and houses that can be rented for short durations from a day or two upwards.

Each cottage, house or apartment will be furnished and fully equipped for a holiday. You will need to check the facilities provided but all will have beds made up, bathrooms/showers.

The standard of the accommodation may vary and some are classified by the Tourist Boards using a rating system based on a range of one to 5 stars, one being low and 5 high.

Why book self-catering accommodation rather than a hotel or B&B?

People who book self-catering accommodation for weekend breaks do so for various reasons; some like the privacy that a secluded cottage provides, others the freedom of not being tied to mealtimes, others prefer to pay just for the accommodation itself and cook for themselves because it works out cheaper.

You will be expected to leave the accommodatjion in a tidy condition, bins emptied, dishes washed.

Each cottage owners will have a list of their own terms and conditions that you should read carefully because you agree to them by signing a booking form.

How self-catering booking and payment works:

  • Find a cottage and contact the cottage owner
  • Pay a deposit for the break
  • Pay the balance within a set number of weeks, six is an average
  • Many cottage cottage owners have credit card payment facilities so that you can pay over the phone or Internet.